Fabric Paper Party Englisch

Fabric Paper Party Englisch
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Fabric Paper Party Englisch

69 Projekte einfach und schnell gemacht. Tolle stoffe und mehr.

Combine the color and richness of fabric with the flexibility of paper to make dozens of exciting, easy projects! Michael Miller Memories invented a special process that stiffens fabric into a paperlike sheet, perfect for scrapbooking, book covers, altered books, and other crafting. Introduced to the crafting industry recently, fabric paper is now a national sensation! Available in tons of great designs, it can be embellished using an ordinary computer printer for millions of possibilities. Now the innovator who created the product shows crafters everywhere how to use it to make fantastic party ensembles, scrapbook pages, three-dimensional art, and much, much more. Fabric paper is fab! Michael Miller Memories is a leader in designing fabrics for the crafting industry.

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